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Sasuke in Battlefield and Weird Orochimaru

Posted by Admin-Cherry on June 19, 2013 at 8:45 AM

I don't think we even know entirely what Naruto wants either except for the fact that he just wants this and that changed for the better. Though it'll probably be something dumb on both sides with maybe one sounding a bit more realistic, and the other not so much.


The only hope of good writing left is Sasuke returning to evil ways the panels hinting to that possibility might be the one thing to keep hope for the writing quality of the Naruto series. I would explain why logically that makes sense given that he (Sasuke) has expressed no feeling of remorse or regret over anything he's done, and the fact that he's still acting childish and self-entitled spells out disaster, and how Naruto and friends for being willing to accept someone back into Konoha who mere moments ago was saying stuff like "I'll destroy the Leaf.", "They're all smiling and laughing together! To me, it sounds like scorn and mocking! I'll change it! I'll turn their laughter into cries of anguish!" just because he says "Bro I'm going to be kage lol" are complete idiots.


What about Orochimaru? Other than that the Suigetsu joke about the Slugs was good but then you have Karin an ugh, top that with Orochimaru pulling a joke, which had to be the saddest thing in this chapter honestly. What happened to the Orochimaru I absolutely hated and despised because he was that good of a villain? The original real Orochimaru, the awesome evil bastard we remember seperated all his happy-go-lucky-ness, friendliness, naivete and childish emotions and poored it into a "refuse" version of himself, and put a seal on him to only appear in the arc where the most ridiculously strong overpowered characters appear to increase the odds that this detestable wannabe would be killed off.

Orochimaru joke, what are you doing?


Karin makes me sick with her infatuation with the guy who tried to kill her. No one can stay dead in this manga. Hell, I'm almost expecting Ace and Gin to randomly appear. Sai gets a spot light. At least he's good at talking. And random ending scene with Kakashi and Obito. Woah! Kakashi took filling his hole literally I guess. But its okay. No way they're going to die.

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