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Sasuke's Decision: What Clans is?

Posted by Admin-Cherry on April 13, 2013 at 11:30 PM

Language is power, this is the first feeling after finish Naruto manga 627! Naruto follow the step of Sasuke and try to get him back for many years, but failed finally, and Sasuke even try to kill Naruto, Kakashi and Sakura. I always believe that Naruto own the most powerful ability of change someone by words, Nagato for example, but he cannot do the same thing to Sasuke. Now, I have to believe that Hashirama is absolutely the God of Shinobi, most strong power, and most powerful words! Language is power!


Well, that’s just kidding, review the questions of Sasuke: what is the legacy of the village and what purpose do the Shinobi fill? So after a long flashback, Hashirama told Sasuke that 'We Shinobi are beings that must make impossible choices inorder to achieve our dreams, and depending on the nature of the dream, you chase after you have no choice, but to change to accommodate those dreams and 'The village was a place that would bring clans closer together, an indispensable pillar in turning the what had been total anarchy into a semblance of order; a place where a child no longer had to spill blood; a place with no more petty disagreements; a place governed by peace'. And the final decision of Sasuke is inherit the willing of Itachi and go to the battlefield.


Flashback of Sasuke's Final Decision


And what make me confused is that whether Sasuke really understand what Shinobi, village and clans is? Even though he can understand the definition of Shinobi and village, and this is what Hashirama can give him the right answer, but for clans, nobody can tell him the answer he want except for Madara, because he is the unique man who really know the dark and the sins of Uchiha clans! So I think maybe the reason why Sasuke want to go to the battlefield never as simple as we think, he want to stop this Ninja war try to protect Konoha and also want to find the answer of what clans is!


And after Sasuke enter the battlefield, its no doubt the balance will be broken and maybe the unique chance for Edo Madara and Obito is Outer Path: Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique. If so, I believe Obito will end in tragedy, but never forget that Minato is coming!

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