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Way to Peace, Tobirama's Edo Tensen and Madara

Posted by Admin-Cherry on March 21, 2013 at 9:40 AM

Even thought the story of young Hashirrama and Madara provides so many information to us, but when talking about the birth of Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, Kishimoto omission the emphasis, whether Izuna voluntary to give his Shaningan to Madara, how did he know that will never damage for Madara and even create the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan. Actually this is the top reason why Madara become a avenger!

 Uchiha and Senju Family

All we know about is Tobirama hurt Izuna so heavy that he have to donate eyes to his brother, he have no choice in my opinion. Due to the raise of Senju family, Uchiha family already lost their willing to fight. That’s why Madara have to against Senju family alone, and beated by Hashirama finally (of course even though he own the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, he cannot defeat Hashirama’s Ninjutsu).


But Hashirama still want to build a world without war and all people live in peace, he can totally understand the pain of lost brothers, so he choose to alliance with Uchiha family. But after lost all brothers, Madara wasn’t the boy who want to create a peaceful world any more, he just want to revenge and best Senju family. Kill Tobirama or kill yourself, Hashirama have to make a choice. But we all know that Hashirama build Konoha with Madara finally and Tobirama become the second Hokage, this means something had happened and that cause Madara change his mind. And I believe that’s why Tobirama create the forbidden Ninjutsu Edo Tensen, why Madara know the hand seals of this Ninjutsu.


So I guess that Tobirama said that he was creating a Ninjutsu called Edo Tensen and he can use this Jutsu to make Izuna reborn, so that Madara agree with Hashirama to build a Ninja Village to stop the war. But when Hashirama konw the risk and truth of Edo Tensen, he just disallowed it and caused betray of Madara!

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