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The Uchiha were largely innocent in all of this

Posted by Admin-Cherry on August 18, 2013 at 11:20 AM

I'm not even sure they were planning a coup, although I would hardly blame them if they had been. Danzou, Hiruzen, Koharu and Homura suspected the Uchiha of being rogue because of the attack of the demon fox which had nothing to do with the Uchiha clan - they had long abandoned Madara and knew nothing of Obito's actions. The only one co-operating with Obito and Madara was in fact Itachi. The elders of the village ordered a massacre based on faulty evidence and stories spun by genuine threats to the village.


Itachi is supposed to have been a spy investigating the clan and yet at the time of this supposed rebellion he was being investigated for murder. His clan, who in fact served as the police force, is unlikely to have trusted him with any secret plans when they thought he had just killed his best friend.


Uchiha Clan


Itachi may have been a genius in terms of his fighting ability but he was a terrible spy. During his efforts at espionage he aided and abetted the worst terrorist organization in the entire narutoverse (Akatsuki has done more damage to Konoha than the actions of Madara / Obito and all the leaf's enemies combined and Itachi did precisely nothing to stop them), he helped Obito and Madara wipe out their own clan (for reasons not yet established) and he helped a wannabe despot obtain the means to launch his own coup and nearly take command of the allied shinobi forces. He talks about wanting to save his brother but he is one of the main reasons why his brother was put in danger in the first place and the net result of his efforts is that he turned his little brother into a psychopath.

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