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Future of Shonen Manga Big 3: One Piece, Naruto and Bleach

Posted by Admin-Cherry on April 18, 2013 at 11:00 AM Comments comments (0)

In Japan manga field, there are Big 3 most popular manga: One Piece, Naruto and Bleach. But which is known too all that Naruto and Bleach are almost finish. So whether there are exist some manga which can instead the position of Naruto and Bleach? To be the big 3, do you think what criteria should the manga meet? Maybe it’s hard to say, but to be the big 3, the manga must have a high support and have a potential, and the manga can be withstood the test of the time. With the passage of the time, most mangas are disappeared gradually.

 One Piece, Naruto and Bleach

Some mangas do not have long story line, for example: Death Note. The manga is already completed, though it won so many fans. The manga lost the competition to be the big 3.

 Death Note L

And now there are many new mangas and which have many fans, they have higher chance to be the big three.


1. Fairy Tail, the manga is published on 2006 and now has its own fans. Its style is awfully close to One Piece manga. (Almost finish and belong to Shonen Magazine actually)

 Fairy Tail Natsu

2. Ao no Exorcist, the manga is published on 2009 and ranks top 3 in best sellers of 2011.

 Ao no Exorcist Okumura Rin and Yukio

3. Hunter x hunter, one of the best selling in 2011, ranks 13. Hunter x hunter has a long history, it is the no.1 in japan once, but it has been break for almost two years. If the Mangaka for Hunter x Hunter stops being lazy that will definitely take it's place. Before all the hiatus's for Hunter x Hunter, it would of been considered in that Big 3. But those hiatus's killed it's momentum. So Hunter x hunter Manga has a big probabilities to be the big 3.

Hunter X Hunter

There are other mangas also have big chance. For eample:

Toriko, is published in 2008, the No.5 in best sellers of 2011;


Beelzebub, is published in 2009, and its special style and story win many fans, it has a big potential;


The World God Only Knows, Kimi no Iru Machi, Katekyo Hitman Reborn and so on, all of the mangas have chance to be the big 3. Any else manga do you think can be the big 3 or maybe no current manga can replace the bleach manga? It’s really a hard question to answer. Bleach and Naruto have 2-3 years left in them. One piece will obviously last another 10 years. This Big 3 doesn't really exists anymore except in America. In Japan it's just the Big 1 and that being One piece. Bleach hasn't been that successful over the last few years to the degree of One piece and Naruto.

 The World God Only Knows

Kuroko no Basket has been doing really well over in Japan, selling more volumes than Naruto last year. But over in the western world Kuroko no Baskets reception hasn't made an overwhelming response.

 Kuroko no Basket

Fairy Tail has always been popular in Japan and Western world. but would you consider it material to be labeled "Big 3" since it is printed in a different magazine from One piece, Naruto and Bleach.


Toriko has been going great guns in Japan. It has had a couple of crossovers with DBZ and One piece. It seems that they want to put this on the level of DBZ and One piece by hyping it up with series such as the latter. But over in America it hasn't really caught on well.


If I had to say in this current point in time what would take Bleach and Naruto's place in this so-called "Big 3". I would say Hunter x Hunter and Fairy Tail.