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Captain Isshin Shiba, forgive me

Posted by Admin-Cherry on March 17, 2013 at 8:55 AM Comments comments (0)

If you ever read the stupid article I wrote a few days ago, maybe you will think that I am nothing just a foolish, I have to admit that this is all mny fault and here is my explain:

And really really my fault about miss the full name of Isshin Shiba!

Captain Isshin Shiba in Bleach manga 529

Everything but the rain, story of Shinigami and Quincy

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Finally Bleach back to the memory part and I believe this is the key to fix Ichigo’s Zanpakuto Zangetsu, and also the secret of Ichigo.


From last episode 529 we know that Ichigo’smother Masaki was a Quincy and in this week manga, I really feel shocked that Masaki almost become the “wife” of Ryuken, the man who used to own the last Quincy.But from last episode we know that Masaki saved a Shinigame and I’d rather to believe the man is Isshin, so something happened among those guys and finally lead the perish of Quincy, Isshin married with Masaki and change of Ryuken.


And the most interesting part also the most tragedy part of this episode is captain Shiba, own the same personality with Isshin. And which is known to all that there are four noble family in Soul Society and Shiba is one of them. But at the begin of this Bleach manga, Ichigo meet with two members of Shiba family called Shiba kuukaku and Shiba Ganju. And from the memory of Kuchiki Rukiya, we also know that Shiba family used to be the important part of Gotei 13 team, I believe something happened among them,like the death of Shiba Kaien and maybe the death of captain Shiba too. And we all know that all of those things can also connected with the experiment of Aizen, so I am afraid that something terrible will happening recently.


Shiba Release his Reiatsu

And the last paragraph of this manga is a hollow and looks so familiar with the hollow inside of Ichigo’s body, especially the long hair, so maybe this is the white Ichigo and the original style of Zangetsu. Here is may view: Isshin and Masaki want to destroy the hollow but stopped by captain Shiba, and in order to save the life of Quincy and Isshin, Shiba have to sacrifice himself to protect human world and Soul Society, and also destroy the experiment of Azien force that plan delayed!