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The Uchiha were largely innocent in all of this

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I'm not even sure they were planning a coup, although I would hardly blame them if they had been. Danzou, Hiruzen, Koharu and Homura suspected the Uchiha of being rogue because of the attack of the demon fox which had nothing to do with the Uchiha clan - they had long abandoned Madara and knew nothing of Obito's actions. The only one co-operating with Obito and Madara was in fact Itachi. The elders of the village ordered a massacre based on faulty evidence and stories spun by genuine threats to the village.


Itachi is supposed to have been a spy investigating the clan and yet at the time of this supposed rebellion he was being investigated for murder. His clan, who in fact served as the police force, is unlikely to have trusted him with any secret plans when they thought he had just killed his best friend.


Uchiha Clan


Itachi may have been a genius in terms of his fighting ability but he was a terrible spy. During his efforts at espionage he aided and abetted the worst terrorist organization in the entire narutoverse (Akatsuki has done more damage to Konoha than the actions of Madara / Obito and all the leaf's enemies combined and Itachi did precisely nothing to stop them), he helped Obito and Madara wipe out their own clan (for reasons not yet established) and he helped a wannabe despot obtain the means to launch his own coup and nearly take command of the allied shinobi forces. He talks about wanting to save his brother but he is one of the main reasons why his brother was put in danger in the first place and the net result of his efforts is that he turned his little brother into a psychopath.

Sasuke in Battlefield and Weird Orochimaru

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I don't think we even know entirely what Naruto wants either except for the fact that he just wants this and that changed for the better. Though it'll probably be something dumb on both sides with maybe one sounding a bit more realistic, and the other not so much.


The only hope of good writing left is Sasuke returning to evil ways the panels hinting to that possibility might be the one thing to keep hope for the writing quality of the Naruto series. I would explain why logically that makes sense given that he (Sasuke) has expressed no feeling of remorse or regret over anything he's done, and the fact that he's still acting childish and self-entitled spells out disaster, and how Naruto and friends for being willing to accept someone back into Konoha who mere moments ago was saying stuff like "I'll destroy the Leaf.", "They're all smiling and laughing together! To me, it sounds like scorn and mocking! I'll change it! I'll turn their laughter into cries of anguish!" just because he says "Bro I'm going to be kage lol" are complete idiots.


What about Orochimaru? Other than that the Suigetsu joke about the Slugs was good but then you have Karin an ugh, top that with Orochimaru pulling a joke, which had to be the saddest thing in this chapter honestly. What happened to the Orochimaru I absolutely hated and despised because he was that good of a villain? The original real Orochimaru, the awesome evil bastard we remember seperated all his happy-go-lucky-ness, friendliness, naivete and childish emotions and poored it into a "refuse" version of himself, and put a seal on him to only appear in the arc where the most ridiculously strong overpowered characters appear to increase the odds that this detestable wannabe would be killed off.

Orochimaru joke, what are you doing?


Karin makes me sick with her infatuation with the guy who tried to kill her. No one can stay dead in this manga. Hell, I'm almost expecting Ace and Gin to randomly appear. Sai gets a spot light. At least he's good at talking. And random ending scene with Kakashi and Obito. Woah! Kakashi took filling his hole literally I guess. But its okay. No way they're going to die.

Sasuke's Decision: What Clans is?

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Language is power, this is the first feeling after finish Naruto manga 627! Naruto follow the step of Sasuke and try to get him back for many years, but failed finally, and Sasuke even try to kill Naruto, Kakashi and Sakura. I always believe that Naruto own the most powerful ability of change someone by words, Nagato for example, but he cannot do the same thing to Sasuke. Now, I have to believe that Hashirama is absolutely the God of Shinobi, most strong power, and most powerful words! Language is power!


Well, that’s just kidding, review the questions of Sasuke: what is the legacy of the village and what purpose do the Shinobi fill? So after a long flashback, Hashirama told Sasuke that 'We Shinobi are beings that must make impossible choices inorder to achieve our dreams, and depending on the nature of the dream, you chase after you have no choice, but to change to accommodate those dreams and 'The village was a place that would bring clans closer together, an indispensable pillar in turning the what had been total anarchy into a semblance of order; a place where a child no longer had to spill blood; a place with no more petty disagreements; a place governed by peace'. And the final decision of Sasuke is inherit the willing of Itachi and go to the battlefield.


Flashback of Sasuke's Final Decision


And what make me confused is that whether Sasuke really understand what Shinobi, village and clans is? Even though he can understand the definition of Shinobi and village, and this is what Hashirama can give him the right answer, but for clans, nobody can tell him the answer he want except for Madara, because he is the unique man who really know the dark and the sins of Uchiha clans! So I think maybe the reason why Sasuke want to go to the battlefield never as simple as we think, he want to stop this Ninja war try to protect Konoha and also want to find the answer of what clans is!


And after Sasuke enter the battlefield, its no doubt the balance will be broken and maybe the unique chance for Edo Madara and Obito is Outer Path: Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique. If so, I believe Obito will end in tragedy, but never forget that Minato is coming!

Way to Peace, Tobirama's Edo Tensen and Madara

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Even thought the story of young Hashirrama and Madara provides so many information to us, but when talking about the birth of Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, Kishimoto omission the emphasis, whether Izuna voluntary to give his Shaningan to Madara, how did he know that will never damage for Madara and even create the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan. Actually this is the top reason why Madara become a avenger!

 Uchiha and Senju Family

All we know about is Tobirama hurt Izuna so heavy that he have to donate eyes to his brother, he have no choice in my opinion. Due to the raise of Senju family, Uchiha family already lost their willing to fight. That’s why Madara have to against Senju family alone, and beated by Hashirama finally (of course even though he own the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, he cannot defeat Hashirama’s Ninjutsu).


But Hashirama still want to build a world without war and all people live in peace, he can totally understand the pain of lost brothers, so he choose to alliance with Uchiha family. But after lost all brothers, Madara wasn’t the boy who want to create a peaceful world any more, he just want to revenge and best Senju family. Kill Tobirama or kill yourself, Hashirama have to make a choice. But we all know that Hashirama build Konoha with Madara finally and Tobirama become the second Hokage, this means something had happened and that cause Madara change his mind. And I believe that’s why Tobirama create the forbidden Ninjutsu Edo Tensen, why Madara know the hand seals of this Ninjutsu.


So I guess that Tobirama said that he was creating a Ninjutsu called Edo Tensen and he can use this Jutsu to make Izuna reborn, so that Madara agree with Hashirama to build a Ninja Village to stop the war. But when Hashirama konw the risk and truth of Edo Tensen, he just disallowed it and caused betray of Madara!

Hashirama VS Madara or Naruto VS Sasuke

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I believe most of us love Naruto manga due to the complex but clearly relationship among the characters, and most of those guys own same experience and background sometimes. Young Hashirama and Madara for example, I think there are the another types of Naruto and Sasuke, I dont know what had happened next, but the thing change Madara into a avenger maybe same with Sasuke: brother! Thats means Madara's little brother and Sasuke?s elder brother.

Hashirama and Madara

Uchiha Izuna, we know only a few info about him actually, the unique thing we know is he left his Sharingan to his brother Madara, and then created the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan; Uchiha Itachi, one of my favorite characters in this manga, dark hero in my opinion. He sacrificed himself to protect his little brother and village, died in disease (I always believe that Sasuke cannot beat Itachi at that time)!

From last two episodes plot we can infer that Madara used to be a guy who love peace, and thats prove the theory of Second Hokage Tobirama: Uchiha family knows love! So we can also infer that the love turn Sasuke and Madara into devil. Izuna Leave his eye to his brother, Itachi leave everything to his little brother Sasuke, I believe both Izuna and Itachi never thought that their relatives will changed like this, an avenger!

But think about Hashirama and Naruto, even though lost so many partners and relatives in the war, but still keep optimism and find new partners and the one who worth to protect. So the difference between Avengers and Heroes is: find what true love is!